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Emily Flack is a Washington DC based artist with a passion for creating new and beloved art with and for others. As an actress, singer, and dancer, she has honed her skills through years of training and experience both onstage and in the wings. As a graduate of William and Mary (Theatre and Music), Emily discovered her passion for both the classical sound in which she was taught as a child, and found a newfound love for contemporary musical theatre, international styles of theatre, and Shakespearean text.  Growing up as an Air force child in England before settling in Northern Virginia, Emily has developed a unique perspective that shines through in her performances. With a soprano voice well-versed in operatic and light operatic styles, Emily is equally at home in musical theatre, folk music, and bubblegum pop.


Emily is thrilled to be returning to Cumberland Theatre this summer to portray Rusty in Footloose! Visit HERE to purchase tickets for a fun-filled dancing extravaganza!
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